Exciting job opportunities at University of St Andrews (that don’t involve teaching)

Catering jobs in St Andrews at the university.
Learn more about the varied range of jobs available at University of St Andrews during its upcoming recruitment day.

You probably know the University of St Andrews as a great place to study and the town as a great place to visit. But did you know the university is also a big employer in the area and a great place to work?

Whether you’re looking for part time jobs in St Andrews, temporary positions or permanent, there is lots of choice available in a wide range of fields.

Find out more at its recruitment day on Friday 10th February (more details below). In the meantime, here is a sneak peek at just some of the jobs available at the University of St Andrews:

Play an important part in life at University of St Andrews

Looking for cleaning jobs in St Andrews? Housekeeping jobs at the university are a great way to build skills and experience in this fast-paced career. You’ll play a key role in students’ lives at their home-from-home accommodation.

There’s plenty of scope for progression, as current University of St Andrews employee Samantha Todd found.

She said: “I have worked for the university since 2008. I started as a housekeeping assistant; I was promoted to supervisor then to senior supervisor. I then gained a promotion to my current role as deputy residential services manager in 2018.” (Read more about Samantha’s experience further below).

Take your chef career to the next level

When you think of chef jobs in St Andrews its hotels, restaurants and cafes probably come to mind first. And yet, that’s not the only option. From catering events to providing meals for student accommodation, chefs are in high demand at the University of St Andrews.

Build varied experience through catering jobs

Waiter serving drinks at University of St Andrews.
The University of St Andrews is a great place to build a varied and fast-paced career in hospitality.

When it comes to catering jobs in St Andrews, there’s lots to choose from at the university, including food service assistants, kitchen porters and more.

You’ll get the chance to experience and develop skills in all aspects of catering, from food production to customer service.

Earn money with a summer job

If all you need is a temporary summer job in St Andrews, you’ll be pleased to know there are still options at the university. It doesn’t just shut down over summer when most of the students leave – in fact, some of its accommodation even changes to operate as a hotel.

Which means there are always summer jobs at the University of St Andrews – but get your interest in soon. Although there are jobs available from June through August, the recruitment process starts now.

Bedroom at University of St Andrews
The team of staff keep the historic university running in tip-top shape.

The inside scoop on what it’s like work at University of St Andrews

Speaking to current employees is a great way to find out more about a place of work. We spoke to Samantha Todd, deputy residential services manager at the University of St Andrews, to hear more about her experience.

She said: “My position is a very varied role, so no two days are ever the same. I really enjoy the interaction with both students and staff. Throughout all my roles, the positivity of the teams I work with really helps us to deliver an excellent service to both students and summer guests, along with the ability to watch students enjoy their time at university.

“The opportunities that are available for staff to progress is great. The university has excellent training opportunities and excellent terms and conditions of work which help maintain a good work/life balance, along with a very generous holiday entitlement.”

Looking for jobs in St Andrews? Don’t miss the university’s recruitment event

Find out more about what to expect from these and other jobs at the top-ranking University of St Andrews during its recruitment event, taking place Friday 10th February, 11am to 5pm, at Agnes Blackadder Hall.

While work experience is always helpful, a positive and can-do attitude is more important for the university’s teams. You can demonstrate exactly that by going to the event and chatting to the various departments in attendance.

Browse the latest jobs at University of St Andrews.

Email rbsrecruit@st-andrews.ac.uk for more information on vacancies and the recruitment day.

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