Local services in Kirkcaldy

The first school to be established in the town was Kirkcaldy Burgh School in 1582 with the help of the local minister, Dr David Spens. Until premises were found, pupils were taught in the minister's house. Notable pupils include Robert Adam and Adam Smith. The school was located at Hill Street before being replaced by Kirkcaldy Grammar School on St Brycedale Avenue in 1843. A Government list of 1872 described the school as being of 'higher class'. A new building for the school was gifted to the town in 1893 by Michael Barker Nairn, a linen manufacturer. Other schools were established in the town, including girl’s schools, subscription schools, and apprentice schools The passing of the Education (Scotland) Act in 1872 replaced voluntary education in the town with a school-based education for all children aged 5 to 13. Waste management is handled by the local authority, Fife Council. Kerbside recycling operates in the town. A three-bin collection is in place for the majority of residents. Kirkcaldy has one recycling centre and several recycling points, all operated by Fife Council. The A92, which connects Dunfermline to the west with Glenrothes and Dundee to the north, passes immediately north of Kirkcaldy. The A910 road connects it to the western and central parts of the town. At Redhouse Roundabout the A921 connects the A92 to the eastern side of Kirkcaldy. It continues via St Clair Street and The Esplanade on to Kinghorn, Burntisland, and Aberdour to the south-west.

Shopping in Kirkcaldy


There are several shopping areas in Kirkcaldy, the two main ones being the town centre (made up of the High Street and adjoining shopping centres) and the Fife Central Retail Park. The Kirkcaldy High...
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Car Rentals in Kirkcaldy

Car Rentals

Kirkcaldy has so much attractions. And what better way to explore them than witch a car. In the city you can find a few car rental services which are eager to help you. There you will find a great...
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Dental Care in Kirkcaldy

Dental Care

Basic dental care involves brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, seeing your dentist and/or dental hygienist for regular checkups and cleanings, and eating a mouth-healthy diet, which means foods...
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