Why are more than a million trees being planted in Fife?

Akre founder Renwick Drysdale.
Akre founder Renwick Drysdale.

A first-of-its-kind business has been launched in Fife to help businesses offset their carbon.

Akre is the brainchild of Renwick Drysdale, who also runs woodland creation consultancy firm Kilrie Trees.

Created following a £2 million private funding package, Akre is the world’s first carbon negative tree nursery.

The majority of the 1.5 million broadleaf trees will be grown at the Akre tree nursery near Kirkcaldy.

The Fife businessman has set lofty ambitions too. He wants to grow 10 million trees per year by 2024.

A world first for Fife businessman

The carbon negative tree nursery uses a combination of environmental controls to optimise quality and improve the efficiency of production.

The nursery will run on a solar power and battery system as well as a rain water collection system.

Its team of six staff work alongside one of the UK’s most experienced horticulture consultants, Rodney Shearer.

Akre has six staff, who will work alongside founder Renwick Drysdale.
Akre has six staff, who will work alongside founder Renwick Drysdale.

Mr Drysale said: “The business has grown out of demand from people who want to make the most of their environmental potential.

“There is a host of ways businesses small or large can work towards a greener world.

“Our mission is to help businesses help the planet and to help transform our clients’ relationship with nature from extractive to restorative.

“Akre is very excited to play a big part in that.”

Fife firm working towards greener world

He said the firm designs bespoke “nature-based strategies” which help to deliver and manage ecological restoration plans.

Mr Drysdale added: “We are a single contact and solution for firms looking to offset emissions to have a positive impact on the environment.”

Renwick Drysdale wants to grow more than 10 million trees per year by 2024.

Akre consists of three divisions, Akre Capital, Akre Trees and Akre Exchange, all able to work independently or in conjunction, depending on the client’s needs:

  • Akre Capital works as a natural capital consultancy and project developer.
  • Akre Trees grows trees at the Akre tree nursery in Fife before planting them on land best suited for restoration.
  • Akre Exchange acts as a marketplace for organisations to buy and sell natural capital.
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