Standing Stane Road: Two crashes on notorious Fife route on same day new safety signs confirmed

The new signs on Standing Stane Road.
The new signs on Standing Stane Road.

At least two crashes have been reported on a notorious Fife road on the same day council chiefs confirmed the installation of new safety signs designed to cut collisions.

On Monday, Fife Council announced work had been completed on the new signs on the A915 Standing Stane Road, which connects Kirkcaldy and Windygates.

It has long been one of the region’s worst crash blackspots, with eight fatalities since 2005.

It is hoped the £80,000 signs will help to reduce the number of incidents on the route.

But two separate collisions were reported on Standing Stane Road within hours of the council’s announcement.

One, at 4.30pm, involved three vehicles near the Coaltown turn-off, with the drivers exchanging details at the scene.

Two vehicles were then involved in a crash near Windygates, but there were no reports of any injuries.

What will the new signs do?

The local authority says police data shows that many crashes on the route are caused by vehicles travelling too closely together.

Detectors on the new signs can calculate the distance between vehicles, and identify when other vehicles are approaching junctions.

Drivers will be alerted that vehicles ahead might be turning, and will also be reminded to keep an appropriate distance from those in front.

But the council says these messages will only be displayed when it is relevant, so motorists are not seeing them every time they pass.

‘High-profile’ safety reminder for drivers

Steve Sellars, the council’s road safety and travel planning lead professional said: “Road safety is a priority for all users.

“We hope that drivers using the Standing Stane Road will take notice of the messages being displayed and help make the route a safer one for everyone.

“It’s important everyone drives in a responsible way and these signs will provide drivers with a high-profile reminder.”

The aftermath of a collision on the road.

Last September, a drink-driver was given 42 months’ detention after a crash on Standing Stane Road left two teenagers dead.

The same month, a motorist was in court after drinking eight cans of lager then bursting her car’s wheels on the route.

And last month a van driver was criticised after items of furniture were filmed falling off the back of his vehicle as it drove along the road.

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