Outlander actor Frank Gilhooley to bring industry expertise to Dundee with bespoke V&A workshop

Outlander’s Torin, also known as Scottish actor Frank Gilhooley, is bound for Dundee this weekend with his bespoke performance masterclass.

Loanhead-born Frank, 52, who played the ringmaker in the iconic Scottish drama, will take participants on a two-day immersive journey at V&A Dundee this Friday and Saturday with his self-made workshop, Emotions in Performance.

But though fellow actors and performers “would benefit”, Frank insists the masterclass is for anyone of any background, “whether you’re an actor or a joiner”.

Frank Gilhooley as Mark, taking over from Boaby in the new Still Game series. Image: Frank Gilhooley.

“I get a real kick out of watching people grow,” explains Frank, who fittingly runs a successful landscaping business between acting roles, which have included Mark the bartender in Still Game and incestual rapist John Maclean in River City.

Throughout the two-day journey, which is informed by Frank’s training under his mentor, renowned Hollywood acting coach Bernard Hiller, participants will be taken through emotional exercises, targeted mediation and acting scene work to help them “improve confidence and performance, and find their authentic selves”.

‘It is quite spiritual’

Not for the faint hearted (or those under the age of 20) Frank warns that the emotional exercises will “take people to places they’ve never been, where they won’t want to go again” adding, “I’ve found that wherever there’s secrets in a family, that’s where the poison is.”

But he promises a huge payoff for those who approach the workshop with “an open heart”, explaining that many participants in periods of poor mental health have found solace in the classes.

“I’ve had so many people say to me that I didn’t just help their lives, I saved their lives,” he says solemnly. “These beautiful human being who were a bit lost and now they’ve found their way.

“It sounds quite religious, and it isn’t at all – but I’ll tell you what, it is quite spiritual.”

Willing participants must bring a pen and a notebook, and be comfortable with working closely with other members of the group.

As the work will involve reading emotions, Frank explains that masks cannot be worn throughout the masterclass.

“There’s things we’ll do that are along the lines of what actors do, so you’ll have to stand up and be bold,” he says. “But it’ll be worth it.”

Emotions In Performance with Frank Gilhooley will run at V&A Dundee from 9am on Friday September 8 to 5pm on Saturday September 9.  To find out more or purchase tickets, visit the V&A website.

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