NHS Fife getting rid of ‘People’s Piano’ from Victoria Hospital after spate of vandalism

NHS Fife has been forced to remove the ‘People’s Piano’ after continuous vandalism rendered it unplayable.

The baby grand piano has been located at Victoria Hospital’s main entrance since 2019.

Known as the ‘People’s Piano’, it was donated to NHS staff by Balbirnie House Hotel.

After funding from Fife Health Board Endowment Fund to help restore the piano, it was installed at the Kirkcaldy hospital’s main foyer.

There had been an open invitation for people to come and play if they so wished.

However, visitors to Victoria Hospital were left baffled by recent signs telling them not to play on a piano specially installed for public use.

Conflicting signs baffle visitors to Victoria Hospital

One sign stated that anyone could “sit down, take a few minutes, and play a tune for fellow visitors patients, and staff.”

But another message recently placed on the piano from the facilities directorate says the piano should not be played.

Tricia Marwick, the then chair of NHS Fife board, alongside senior charge nurse Angela Glancey and Nicholas Russell when the piano was installed in 2019. Image: DC Thomson

Visitor Derek Cawkwell told The Courier he’d spotted the conflicting signs while visiting the hospital.

He said: “I had an appointment and noticed it on the way in from the main entrance.

“Maybe it’s my quirky sense of humour but seeing those signs really amused me.”

Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy.
Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy. Image: DC Thomson

Photos of the conflicting signs drew many comments after being posted on social media.

One person wrote: “Not everything is so black and white in Kirkcaldy…so no getting all keyed up over it!”

While another referenced the comedians Morecambe And Wise and their famous TV piano sketch. “It’s maybe for those who play all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order?” they quipped.

People’s Piano has been repeatedly vandalised

However, NHS Fife bosses have revealed that vandalism and constant maintenance means the People’s Piano now needs a new home.

A spokesperson for NHS Fife said: “NHS Fife was kindly gifted a baby grand piano back in 2019, which was used extensively prior to the start of the Covid pandemic.

“Unfortunately, in the period since the piano has been subject to minor acts of vandalism which has prevented it being available for use.

“In addition, its location within the Victoria Hospital means that it very frequently requires tuning to remain playable.

“To ensure that the piano can still be played and enjoyed, we are inviting charities and community groups based in Fife who would benefit from it to contact us.”

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