Kirkcaldy woman who ‘loves Fife’ wins £31k on The Chase

A woman from Fife has won a whopping £31k on ITV’s quiz show the Chase.

Lynn, from Kirkcaldy, was joined by fellow contestants Ed, James, and Alice on Wednesday evening’s show.

Along with James, she made it past ‘The Governess’ Anne Hegerty and into the final chase.

Fife woman Lynn was joined by Londoner James in the Final Chase.
Lynn was joined by Londoner James in the final chase. Image: ITV

After winning £3,000 in the cash-builder, Londoner James opted for the high offer and added £60,000 to the prize pot.

Lynn was the last contestant up and took the middle option after a cheeky offer of minus £5,000 and a mega offer of £80,000.

James tried to convince her to take the lowest offer, to ensure she returned home, but Lynn insisted she could not take the minus.

She said: “I can’t take a minus offer.

“I could not hold my head up in Kirkcaldy if I took that minus offer.”

Lynn secured her place in the final chase, adding an extra £3,000 to the prize pot.

The pair scored 18 points in the final chase and had several opportunities to push Anne back when she got her questions wrong – but the pair only got one right.

However, the chaser ran out of time with 16 points on the board, securing James and Lynn an amazing £31,500 each.

Before the cash-builder round host Bradley Walsh asked Lynn what she would do if she won some money.

In response, she said: “I’ve got a big birthday coming up this year.

“I’m turning 30, it doesn’t happen every year,” she joked.

“I want to go on holiday with my friends, to the Greek islands on a cruise.”

‘I love Fife’ says Chase contestant

On the show, the 49-year-old project support officer said: “In my free time I like to travel around Scotland.

“I love where I stay, I think it is beautiful.

“I do love Fife.”

After the show viewers flocked to social media to congratulate the pair.

One viewer said: “One of the best episodes I have seen to be honest! She was amazing on the points builder at the end!

“A lot smarter than most would have thought. Good on her”

Another added: “So glad they won it. Especially the young lad, and against one of the hardest chasers to beat.”

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