Fife dangerous driver had bought car to drive to Iraq to see Covid-stricken parents

Hamza Baki.
Hamza Baki.

A taxi driver who tailgated and undertook on a major Fife road was planning driving his newly-bought Skoda to Iraq to visit his dying parents.

Hamza Baki was driving the vehicle from Stirling, where he had bought it with the intention of motoring nearly 4000 miles to his home country,

However, he became enraged with another motorist who he believed was hogging the overtaking lane on the A92.

At Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court the 51-year-old admitted driving dangerously in May last year.

Parents had Covid

Solicitor Laura McLaughlin said Baki intended to drive the Skoda Octavia on the 60-plus hour journey from his home in Glenrothes, to Iraq.

He said: “Mr Baki was driving back from Stirling with a vehicle he had purchased.

“The vehicle had been purchased with the intent of driving it to Iraq, where he’s from, as his parents were very unwell in hospital with Covid.

“He was anxious to get home to make the arrangements.”

She added both parents had later passed away.

Dangerous driving

The court heard Baki came up behind another motorist on the northbound carriageway near Glenrothes.

Fiscal depute Jill Currie said at the time of the incident it was raining heavily and visibility was poor.

She said: “At 3.20pm witness Adam was driving his black BMW north in lane two when he became aware of the accused driving very close behind him and flashing his headlights.

“Mr Adam ignored this and continued to pass a slower moving HGV.

“Having only just passed the HGV, the accused pulled into lane one and passed Mr Adam by utilising lane one.

“Having passed Mr Adam, he pulled directly in front of him in lane two, narrowly missing the front of Mr Adam’s car.

“Mr Adam was forced to brake sharply to avoid a collision as a result of the near miss.

“The accused continued in lane two and braked sharply, braking so sharply he almost came to a halt.

“Mr Adam was forced to brake further.

“The accused then drove off but was seen on dashcam gesticulating to the driver behind him.”

Accused will lose job

Ms McLaughlin said: “He was driving in the fast lane and formed the impression that Mr Adam was holding in the fast lane – there were opportunities to pull in and he did not.

“Whilst overtaking the lorry, Mr Adam applied his brake – he felt Mr Adam was goading him.”

She said Baki accepted his driving was below par but said his behaviour was “out of character”.

She added he works as a taxi driver in the capital and will lose his job as a result of his conviction.

Baki, of Ivanhoe Drive, Glenrothes, admitted driving dangerously in inclement weather conditions on the A92 between Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes on May 24 last year.

Sheriff James Williamson banned him from driving for 18 months and ordered him to sit the extended driving test.

He also fined him £375.

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