Fife business Wicked Cheesecake closes premises due to rising costs

The bosses of a Fife cheesecake company have urged support for local businesses after closing their second shop in as many months.

Wicked Cheesecake, run by Jase and Sam Thirwall, closed the doors to its shop in Crossgates for the last time at the weekend.

The couple set up the business in 2019 and opened the shop the following year.

However, a social media post said they were “fighting a losing battle” with suppliers over rising costs.

The couple also blamed a drop in footfall for the closure of the shop.

Wicked Cheesecake owners explain closure

The post said: “I cannot see a stable future for myself and my team.

“The shop’s been really quiet. I worry people don’t like our cakes, are we too expensive, is it perhaps the location, is it the cost-of-living?

Wicked Cheesecake products will still be available online. Image: Steve Brown/DC Thomson.

“We have tried to combat that with various offers, deals and thinking out the box. Without footfall we can’t operate.”

The post adds that the “stresses and grief have outweighed the good stuff for quite some time”.

Customers reaction to Fife shop closure

It attracted hundreds of comments from customers who expressed their disappointment at the news.

One said: “Gutted to see this. Will miss you guys! Too many overheads killing many small businesses. Wishing you all good luck, good health and may you bring new dreams come true.”

Another added: “This is so sad, you’ve been amazing for our wee village and brought so many people in which has benefited the other businesses here. You really will be very sorely missed.”

Jase and Samantha Thirwall said a drop in footfall, combined with rising costs, were behind the decision. Image: Steve Brown/DC Thomson.

Others urged the couple to have pride in the business, which will continue trading online.

Another customer said: “You guys have really put everything you have into it. You did all you can, you should be proud of that. Time to focus on yourselves now.”

Fifers urged to shop local

Last May, the couple launched a joint venture with Young Spuds in Kirkcaldy. The Wicked Cheesecake shop there closed in September.

A subsequent social media post following the Crossgates closure urged people to help local businesses.

“Thank you to every single one of you who’ve supported us in any which way.

“We’ve created an extremely well-established brand for bespoke cheesecakes UK wide.

“If you take anything from this, please support small business. They really need you.”

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