December launch set for car dealer’s new Dundee and Perth branches

This December will mark another milestone in the continuing success of the Eastern Western Motor Group as it opens four new dealerships in Dundee and Perth.

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A Lexus Dundee, Barnett’s Toyota and Car Deal Warehouse will all launch on December 1 at the former Levi’s factory in the city’s Dunsinane Avenue. Meanwhile, a Barnett’s Toyota will open on Perth’s Dunkeld Road on December 18.

The move represents around £20million of investment by Eastern Western Motor Group in the local economy and will see the creation of 90 jobs.

It also brings huge benefits to motorists in Courier Country.

Expanding choice for consumers

The new Lexus outlet will be the brand’s first ever dealership in Dundee.

Eastern Western Motor Group’s Lexus Dundee centre will be the luxury marque’s first-ever dealership in the city. It means buyers in the area will now be able to tap into that prestige market along with the outstanding Toyotas available nearby.

On top of that, those looking for a quality used car will be able to take advantage of the Car Deal Warehouse, meaning all tastes and price levels will be catered for.

A true commitment to the local area

Keith Duncan
Dundee-born Keith Duncan, Group Managing Director of Eastern Western Motor Group.

Eastern Western Motor Group has strong roots in Courier Country with Group Managing Director Keith Duncan originally hailing from Dundee. Mr Duncan is proud of the firm’s presence in the area, which includes Grassicks BMW and Mini sites in Perth, Barnetts Motor Group, Western Commercial and Maxus vans dealerships in Dundee and another site in Halbeath, Fife.

Combined investment on the new Dundee and Perth buildings will be between £13m and £14m. But Mr Duncan said the total spend will be more and that he hopes to see further expansion in the future.

He said: “To be honest, this is just the tip of the iceberg because you also need to stock the sites and have working capital – this adds around another £5m. The two sites will also add about 90 jobs.

“We bought Fife Motor Village in February. We don’t run all the businesses there but we own the site. We have plans to expand our own franchises in that space in the future.

“It’s a very exciting time for the business and we’d like to do more in Dundee in the future.”

An environmentally friendly development

Artists impression of Perth Toyota branch
Toyota are known for their cutting edge eco technology.

The environmental credentials of the new expansion are also strong, both in the physical infrastructure of the dealerships and the cars they will be selling.

The Dundee and Perth sites will include green measures such as being powered by solar panels, having LED lighting and using rainwater harvesting.

In addition, both Lexus and Toyota are brands which are known for their innovative eco technology, with cutting edge hybrid and electric vehicles.

Mr Duncan, who has praised Dundee City Council for being “pragmatic” in giving permission for the development, said:  “Toyota and Lexus are brilliant brands – they have been on the front foot of eco technology for a long time.”

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