Car windows smashed in Fife leaving driving instructor £700 out of pocket

Driving instructor David McAndrew has been forced to cancel lessons.
Driving instructor David McAndrew has been forced to cancel lessons.

A Fife driving instructor says he has been left “sickened” after his car window was smashed and the dash cam stolen.

David McAndrew’s car is one of several which have been broken into in the past week in Kirkcaldy.

A number of dash cams, sat-navs and mobile phones were taken.

As well as the cost of replacing the stolen dash cam and smashed window, the driving instructor will be left around £700 out of pocket.

Delays in getting a replacement window for the car have forced Mr McAndrew to cancel around 25 hours worth of lessons.

Speaking to The Courier, he said those responsible likely had “no care” for the impact their actions would have.

car with smashed window Kirkcaldy
Several owners discovered their car windows had been smashed  Photo: Fife Jammer Locations

Windows on several vehicles were smashed in Kirkcaldy overnight, including at Overton Mains and Westwood Avenue.

“I am sickened. They don’t realise how much harm they are causing when they do this,” Mr McAndrew said.

“The police have been on the phone, but they said it has happened to a few cars.

Some took to social media to warn drivers to take their dash cams out of their car overnight to avoid attracting thieves.

Mike Coventry said: “They take the dash cams as most now record continuously and save a clip from before and after a sound or vibration is detected.

Police investigation

“They don’t want their faces recorded then the clip passed to the police from when they approached the car.”

Police are investigating break-ins to cars in Mitchelston Industrial Estate on the weekend of April 16-17 and vehicles in the Overton Mains area between April 19-21.

The suspect is described as being between the ages of 20 and 30, wearing a dark baseball cap, a black jacket, blue jeans and black trainers. He was also carrying a red rucksack.

One of the vehicles broken into in Mitchelston Industrial Estate.

Constable William Alexander, from Kirkcaldy community investigation unit said: “We are appealing for anyone who has any information which may assist us to get in touch.

“I would appeal for residents to remain vigilant when it comes vehicle security and encourage them to remove valuables and remove any trace of the presence of electronic equipment, such as sat-nav suction cups from windows.

“These simple steps can deter an opportunistic thief.

“I would also appeal to anyone who may be offered these items for sale to get in touch.”

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