1,000-mile motorbike challenge for ‘amazing and brave’ Kirkcaldy girl, 5, battling cancer

Brave Darcey Korosi was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2021.
Brave Darcey Korosi was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2021.

A Fife bus driver is to embark on a 1,000-mile motorbike ride to raise money for a five-year-old girl battling an aggressive cancer.

Kirkcaldy youngster Darcey Korosi was diagnosed last year at just four years old, after suffering what her parents Martha and Janos thought was Covid-related asthma.

After weeks of tests and hospital visits, parents Martha and Janos were given the devastating news their daughter has cancer.

Darcey Korosi, 5, with mum Martha and dad Janos.

X-rays found a large tumour taking up two thirds of Darcey’s chest cavity, restricting her breathing and making her gravely ill.

Mum Martha said: “Our lives were turned upside down in an instant.

“We had been rushed to Edinburgh’s Sick Kids Hospital out of our minds with worry.

“However, nothing prepares you for that moment when you are told that you child has cancer.

“It was utterly devastating.

“Life was put on hold at that moment and has been on hold ever since.””

Aggressive chemotherapy treatment

Doctors diagnosed a rare form of lymphoblastic lymphoma which was inoperable and requires an aggressive treatment of chemotherapy.

They say if Darcey hadn’t gone to hospital when she did she would have died within three days, but her parents did not find this out until later.

Martha said Darcey has never stopped smiling despite her ordeal.

Darcey needs chemotherapy treatment five days a week for the next two years, meaning daily 70-mile round trips from their home in Dysart to Edinburgh.

She was diagnosed just a week before she was due to start school and treatment means she has been unable to go yet.

It also means Martha has been unable to return to her job in retail while Janos, a bus driver for Stagecoach, has had to take time off to look after the couple’s three other children aged 13, 10 and seven.

Fundraising motorbike challenge

Stevie Johnson, a former college of Janos, wanted to help ease the burden and decided to take on a 1,000-mile motorbike trip to Wales to raise money for the family.

He wants to raise £5,000 through his Crowdfunder and has already received more than £1,000 in donations.

His trip will include two days of off-road biking on mountain terrain.

Stevie Johnson wants to complete the 1,000 mile trip to raise money for the family.

The 36-year-old said: “I just want to do something to support the family as Janos is the nicest guy you could ever meet and the family have been through hell.

“Darcey couldn’t go to school, Martha couldn’t work, and with rising fuel prices it’s a struggle to travel to and from Fife to Edinburgh from Wednesday through to Sunday for Darcey’s treatment.

“As father of twin boys I can’t imagine what a nightmare they have had to all live through that’s why I want to help.

“I hope the charity ride will raise £5,000 which would ease the stress and worry they are going through trying to cope with all this going on.”

The money will be used for travel costs and support for Darcey to catch up when she is well enough to start school.

Darcey Korosi ‘never stopped smiling’

Martha says despite missing out on school Darcey has been incredibly brave.

“Despite everything she’s had to endure and all the agony of treatment and the side affects Darcey has been amazing, brave and never once stopped smiling” she said.

“However her fight against the cancer continues for two years with continuous maintenance treatment .

“Darcey is desperate to be as school and enjoy the company of other children her own age.

“She was due to start P1 but the cancer diagnosis came just a week before she was due to start.”

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